BC1 Business Card Magnet
BC1 Business Card Magnet


BC1 Business Card Magnet

     A white finish is used for the backdrop of this durable and handy business card magnet. The size is exactly the same size as a standard paper business card. You have several color schemes and options available or it can be customized with your own art. By providing a magnetic reminder of your organization to place on a metal surface, you ensure that your card doesn't get lost in the rolodex or stuffed in a drawer and forgotten.

     As a more energy efficient and eco-friendly method of introducing yourself or making an offering of service, the magnetic business card can be placed wherever there might be a metallic surface such as a file cabinet, office door, or even the refrigerator in the lunch room.

Available Colors: House, Dinner, Money 1, Money 2, Eye, Pill Bottle, Stethoscope 1, Stethoscope 2, Toothbrushes, Puzzle, Crayons, Kids, Gavel, Scales of Justice, Pink Flowers, Daisies, Computer Screen>

Product Details

Product Dimensions : 2" H X 3.5" W
Standard Production Time: 5-7 Working day
BC1 Business Card Magnet
.020 Thickness$0.26$0.21$0.17$0.13$0.11
.030 Thickness$0.32$0.27$0.23$0.19$0.17

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